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Stress Management

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In: Work skills

What you’ll learn...

  • How stress affects our work, life, and health
  • What stress is and what it feels like
  • Good ways to reduce and recover from stress
  • How to improve well-being
  • How to spot sources of stress in your life
  • How to make a plan to deal with stress

Course description

Stress is a normal part of life. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with! When too much stress builds up over time, it can affect our work, our personal lives, and even our health. Learning to deal with stress in a healthy way can improve our well-being, at work and at home.

Here’s what will be covered in this course:

  • - We will explore what stress is and what it feels like.
  • - We’ll talk about good ways to reduce and recover from stress.
  • - You’ll have a chance to figure out some sources of stress in your life, and make a plan to deal with at least one of them.

The Stress Management course is part of the UP Skills for Work which helps you build skills for learning, work, and life. When you have these skills, you have the foundation you need to work well with others—at work, at home, and in your community. The UP Skills for Work program courses include: Motivation, Attitude, Accountability, Presentation, Teamwork, Time Management, Adaptability, Stress Management, Confidence, Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Communication, Creativity, Digital, and Problem Solving.

This course is made possible through the generous support of Canada Life, the founding sponsor of UP Skills for Work. To learn more about the program, please visit the UP Skills for Work website.

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